grocery shopping

Am I Dressed That Funny?
Earlier today we went grocery shopping, and for a family of five, in it of itself, can be an experience. We were shopping at BJ's, as we do for most things, as they are the only wholesale club in our area. Now for the funny part of the story.
Do You Grocery Shop With a List?
We used to go grocery shopping off hours because of how crazy the stores are on the weekend especially midday but Lynn is a now nine to fiver now and shopping at 9 pm when I get out is just too tiring for both of us. Yes one of us could do it on our own but what fun is that?
Grocery Shopping is a Favorite Pastime
One of my favorite adventures is grocery shopping. Not sure if it’s because I like food or just like getting out of the house. Maybe it’s the guilt free shopping spree. You need food see, often you don’t need clothes or electronics. Lynn, Vikki and I did some grocery shopping this morning.