Heidi Klum

‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 6 Premiere: Heidi Klum to Guest Star
Just when you thought the guest stars of 'Parks and Recreation' couldn't get any more beautiful, from Christie Brinkley to Kristen Bell, along comes Heidi Klum! The Sports Illustrated swimsuit legend and 'Project Runway' host has officially joined the ranks of 'Parks and Rec' season 6 premiere guest stars, but whom will the iconic runway star be modeling when the Parks department heads to London?
Heidi Klum Being Flashed by Topless Protesters Wasn’t Even the Weirdest Part of the ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ Finale [PHOTOS]
Last night's finale of the eighth season of 'Germany's Next Top Model' was not your typical affair, unless host and executive producer Heidi Klum is used to making out with robots and being flashed by topless protesters with words scrawled on their torsos. Since we don't speak German, we just pieced the show together for you with photographic evidence and contextual clues.