If You're a Teacher or a Parent You Need to Watch This! OMG!
In one of the funniest and most relatable videos we've ever seen, these two content creators at 'I Mom So Hard' have created a video all about thanking teachers for their endless love and compassion towards their kids. Let's be real here, going from sending you kids off on the bus each morning to literally having to home school them every day can be quite a challenge...
Parents Swearing
Today on our Moose Morning Show Mind-Bender, we talked about swearing in front of your kids. The question was, "Almost 3/4 of all millennial parents say they do this. The answer was: "Swear in front of the kids!" The answer shocked us, a bit.
Ring in the New Year with a Parenting Parody + A New Year Resolution We Can All Keep [VIDEO]
Friend of the Moose Morning Show, Mommy blogger and parody video star, Deva Dalporto, is wrapping up 2016 with a perfect parenting parody to 'Auld Lang Syne.' Deva has teamed up with parent bloggers: Jennifer Borget, Casey Brown, Charlie Capen, Jenni Chiu, Laura Fuentes, Whit Honea, Jill Krause, Anna Luther, Jen Mann, Julie Miner, Sili Recio, Christine Young and Dr...

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