Typically, in the first few weeks of life, a baby 'smiling' just means they're about to soil themselves wicked hard. Turns out, their first ACTUAL smile is likely to fall between 5-8 weeks old. Well, the other night Gavin (5 weeks) gave us his first real smile! And I'll tell you, the difference between gas and happiness is quite obvious! Big mouthy smile that pushed his cheeks right up into his eyes. Right now he only smiles when he sees Keri's or my face- Which is pretty far out considering no one has smiled because of my face in years. Just kidding- and who the hell still says 'far out'?

It's not the best picture because we got him mid-smile here, but you get the idea! This will be the last post I do about Gavin for awhile because I don't want to inundate you with baby blogs- jk, I totally do. And will.

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