It all happened during the typically chaotic period of time that falls between dinner and bed time in our house. As we were getting the kids in their PJs and cleaning up from another 'taco Monday', Gavin came up the stairs from his toy room holding a 36-piece puzzle of the alphabet. I told him that it was getting close to bedtime and that we would work on his puzzle the following day. Then he did that thing that all 3 year olds do where they look at you with those eyes that make you feel bad for ever saying no to anything. The kind of eyes where had he asked for a new Mercedes and ten grand cash I probably would have gone and gotten it for him.

So we start working on the puzzle on the kitchen floor. Mind you, Gavin has done this puzzle before with his Memere, so he should have a basic idea of how to get it together right? No. About 30 seconds in Gavin loses interest and just lays on the floor playing with the puzzle pieces. I can't just give up now, I've gone through all the trouble of taking all 36 pieces out of the box, so to work I go.

For ever two pieces I'm able to successfully match up and snap together, it's only because I stared at the picture on the box so long I ingrained it's image into my brain just long enough to look away and grab the correct corresponding puzzle pieces. For the record, I've never been good at puzzles...or anything for that matter.

Long story short, working just by myself, it took me about 24 minutes to do this entire puzzle. That's HORRIBLE! It took me well over half a minute PER PIECE! This puzzle, done by someone remotely competent, should be able to be completed om easily half that time if not faster. Oh, and the people that are all like "puzzles relax me", what the heck is wrong with you? I was so stressed out and irritated doing this puzzle! I never want to do it again...


If I die and go to hell (this is morbid, huh?) I imagine it will be a fiery pit where I spend eternity putting together children's puzzles and lost loved ones stand around pointing and laughing at how long it's taking me.

The end.

James Family Bowling 10-24-2020

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