As most parents can attest to, doing anything outside of the normal routine with your four-year-old can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Especially when that thing outside the routine happens to be an eye appointment.

Recently, our son Gavin had failed his eye exam during his annual check-up at Kennebec Pediatrics. They recommended we schedule a visit with the eye doctor so they could make an official diagnosis and get Gavin set up with (if need be) glasses.

Matt James

The first appointment we tried last week ended up not working out so well. Gavin was overwhelmed by the new place, the new people and all of the strange looking equipment he was asked to look into. So, we decided to call it a day and reschedule.

Matt James

Today we tried again, and after a brief moment of hesitation and a quick break back in the car, Gavin mustered up all his inner-courage and handled his appointment like a pro. Keri and I were SO incredibly proud of him... and we told him how proud we were about 735 times.

As it turns out, Gavin is really farsighted and will need to wear glasses pretty much all of the time. He got fitted, chose his frames and even picked out a fun green case with pink piglets all over it. He was thrilled!

Matt James

We can't say enough about how amazing and absolutely patient Dr. Tobyne and her team at Smart Eye Care are. I truly believe it was their compassion and patience that made this experience as great as it was.

Because he was SUCH a big boy and did such a great job, Gavin got to go out to breakfast with us afterwards and order his favorite chocolate chip pancakes and circle toast (English muffin).

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