It sounds like a made-up headline at first, doesn't it? Though I can assure you that it is indeed not. This happened over the weekend while we were watching the NFC divisional game between the Buccs and Saints.

You see, our almost-3-year-old, Gavin, has been potty trained for almost a year. We were super-happy parents when he took an interest in giving up diapers just weeks after his second birthday. With the potty training came the use of his 'potty seat'. It's literally just a little toilet seat adapter to keep our little guy from falling into the giant bowl. He uses it every single time that he goes.

Well, over the weekend we went to our friends house to watch some football and let the kids get together and play. About halfway through the third quarter I hear Gavin start crying. What the heck? I get up and go over to the kitchen to find that he has taken his potty seat out of his backpack, put it on his head and forced it down around his neck. He's now wearing his potty seat like a necklace... and it's stuck.

Gavin quickly begins to panic as Josh and I work to free Gavin from the stuck seat. I try to make it into a joke and poke fun at him for having a toilet on his head but he just isn't having it. The biggest problem for getting the seat off his head was his ears. When we would try and pull the seat off it would bend his ears in half as they got snagged on the way up. Finally I decided to hold his earlobes down so they wouldn't fold as josh lifted up on the seat. Though I'm sure it hurt, we had success!

I quickly flipped our fun little escapade into a teaching moment for my young son. I reminded him that we should never put things on our heads that aren't hats and that it could have been stuck for a long time. He seemed to understand the reality of what had happened so I think we're in the clear from this happening a second time. But we'll see... he is my son after all.

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