We Found Wessie the Snake! [VIDEO]
We went in search of Wessie the Snake this morning at Riverbank Park in Westbrook. We were wicked excited to be joined by Crypto-Expeditionary expert Discovery Channel superstar  Bill Brock to help our search. Bill has hunted some of the biggest and most-mysterious monsters in the world...
The story first made news a week or two ago when a woman called the Westbrook Police Department and said she saw a snake as large as a truck with a head the size of a small ball. That was followed up by a second sighting near a playground along the Presumpscot River. Now a Westbrook police officer on patrol reports seeing a 10-foot snake eating a large mammal, maybe a beaver.
Everyone Hates Spiders OR Snakes, According to Matt
My boy Matt made an interesting observation today...everybody hates spiders or snakes....or both.  Is that true?  In my family, it is.  Matt hates snakes as does Marie Anne.  Michelle hates both.  I get freaked out...I mean 'scream like a school girl' freaked spiders.  Clearly, I'm ok with snakes. I had a friendly encounter with one today.  As Marie Anne (MAJ) was mowing the lawn I hear,