My boy Matt made an interesting observation today...everybody hates spiders or snakes....or both.  Is that true?  In my family, it is.  Matt hates snakes as does Marie Anne.  Michelle hates both.  I get freaked out...I mean 'scream like a school girl' freaked spiders.  Clearly, I'm ok with snakes. I had a friendly encounter with one today.  As Marie Anne (MAJ) was mowing the lawn I hear, "Jon!  A snake!"  I knew what I had to do.   Again, I come to the rescue saving the fair maiden from the serpent.

Growing up, those black and yellow spiders of the garden variety sent chills through my spine that could cause me to rip the shirt off my back.  Even today, the thought of having one on me puts the fear of God in me.  Do either or both freak you out?  Let's hear it.  How 'bout neither.  That I really want to hear because you are, indeed, a special type of person.

J-j-j-jonny and the Sssssssnake