Team Hallowell, led by Judy Hallowell, is giving you a chance to drive a ball over the Kennebec River in Augusta beginning on June 25th and win a brand new Mazda 6 from Paul Blouin's in Augusta!

That's a 200 yard drive! Think you can do it? There are only 70 attempts to be made and you need to by a $50 ticket to take a shot. All proceeds go to the Dempsey Challenge and the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing.

Judy uses all her energy for good since losing her husband, David, to cancer two years ago. She is a powerhouse of hope and a spirited woman who is on a mission to help others!

The "Drive Out Cancer" fund raiser runs from 4-7 June 25th through the 28th. Buy your tickets during those times at Waterfront Park on Front Street in Augusta during those times. The contest runs until all tickets have been purchased or someone wins the car.

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