I had seen this going around on the socials for a week or two. It is the #bluepoopchallenge. It is EXACTLY what you think. You turn your poop blue all in the name of health. It is a way to test your body's transit time. Transit time is the time from when you eat something and the time that you poop it out. When you do something like eating the blue muffins, you have a marker to be able to see when that happens.

There are a couple of ways you can take on this challenge. You can make the muffins, add the blue dye and you are all set. You can also order the muffins. That is what happened in my world, and the blue muffins came in a box with some other goodies.

After the blue muffins make their reappearance, you enter the time it took and some other information into ZOE's website, and you get your poop personality profile. (I am 100% serious)

Prevention magazine did take a look at this, and since the faster transit has been a marker of a healthy gut but they say this is a broad brush. There are a lot of factors that impact transit time. But it sure is a great way to tell if you are constipated.

Now back to my poop profile....pooptastic! The median time is almost 29 hours...mine was just over 15 hours.

Thank you to ZOE for helping me to take this on with this kit. It was super interesting, and the kit of stuff was super fun. The kit is fun but not necessary to take part in the challenge. ZOE also then can do further analysis on your gut and gut health but again, not necessary to take part in this unique challenge.

Blue Poop Challenge

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