Wow, what a two night getaway. We wanted a fun little two night vacation for the kids so picked Jay Peak, Vermont Resort. They're primary draw is the skiing but they also have a rink, golf course and an indoor water park which is why we went.

Guess We Won't Be Going On The Balcony

The drive up to Jay Peak was pretty much fine until we got off I-91 in or near Newport, Vermont. It was a blizzard of some kind that had rolled through. I could barely see, snow was flying on roads I didn't know and the roads weren't getting plowed either. Just a city boy with city assumptions. The car was loaded down with clothes, food and other stuff so it was a bit heavy in the wrong spots, but we made it. We checked in and decided to leave the car right there at check-in and take a shuttle with all we could carry to the condo/apartment.

The Map, The Map....Call me Dora.

By the time the shuttle got us to our place it was almost 8pm and the water park was about to close, so we just forfeited the first night and hung out watching TV and getting settled into the condo.

Dylan and Justin Coming Down a Slide

Thursday morning started out with my idea to trek to the check-in building to bring the car up the hill to the apartment. Lynn and I braved the elements and get down to the check-in building while fighting wind and blowing snow like on Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back." It's normally a five minute walk from where we were staying on a good day, a 10 minute walk this time. We see the car, it's stuck and after trying to gun and reverse a few times two nice associates come out and shovel and push us out of the "whatever, let's just leave it for now parking spot." We try to get the car up the hill but it's still too icy so it just stayed at check-in except this time in a legitimate parking spot.

Vikki on the Slide

Lynn and I shuttle back up to the condo with the remaining items from the car we left the night before. I'm so happy Dylan is now old enough to watch Vikki for short periods of time. Thursday morning's weather was not fit for even smokers, it was brutal. Lynn and I warmed up, we all ate breakfast and off we head to the water park via shuttle.

The Front Door to Our Apt. #5004

We got to the water-park just after 11am when it opened, we parked our stuff on chairs, got changed and in the water we all went. Since I'm old and need to build up to the adventure and really need to adjust my body from the dry 80-85 degree heat to the temp of the water I decide to start on "The River." "The river" is a moat type waterway around the park, moving rather slowly designed for floating on inner tubes. I went with the boys down a few slides, which all go pitch black midway down by the way, so they're exhilarating and wild. Jay Peak has one slide called "La Chute" where the floor drops out and you drop down and go back up and loop around. It's the red tube slide in the picture below.

The Red Tube is "La Chute"

Vikki spent a lot of time in the kiddie area similar to the splashy area at Splashtown in Saco. You know, the area with the bucket that tips every few minutes and has a pirate theme, etc. Vikki made a new friend in  Ava. Vikki and Ava mostly just looked at each other and goo-ed and ga-ed. Vikki tried to kiss Ava to which Ava wanted no part. Vikki got addicted to the baby slide; she did it once and then it was over and over and over for her, "weeee" plop. Vikki also went with us around "The River" a few times mostly clinging to Lynn. The boys enjoyed the slides and the wave boogie board pool. They body surfed on the wave pool and attempted to stand on the boards but wiped out both times. We stayed about five hours then went back for a rest and supper.

Dylan and Justin Get Splashed

It was nice the resort put us in a condo because this way we didn't have to pay for meals at the restaurants. Dinner Thursday night was tacos. Lynn cooked them, we ate them, I cleaned, then back to the water park for the evening. We stayed until about 8:30 pm and then went back to the condo for the night. We played Skip-bo for an hour or so, the kids went to bed, Lynn and I had a couple of drinks, then we went to bed. Thursday from 11 am on was a major success.

Justin on the Boogie Board

Friday was check out day. So I attempted once again to get the Saab up to #5004 and finally was successful.  I couldn't imagine trying to carry all of this stuff back on a shuttle.  We pack up the car, check out and go back to the water park for one last go at it before we leave. Friday was beautiful, 35 degrees, sunshine, it was pretty sweet for both skiing I guess and the drive home.

Taking the Shuttle Either To or From the Water Park

A troubled start to the vacation but "all is well that ends well" as someone once said. Lynn drove back because I wanted to capture the White Mountains on the camera and my head was pounding because of the night before, self inflicted but I blame the elevation, I only had a couple, I swear.

Vikki Watching a Movie on Netfix in the condo

On the way home we stopped in No. Conway, NH at Settlers Green because Lynn needed new sneakers and it was dinner time. The Children's Place had all kinds of stuff at $2.99. We ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant, The Peking, gotn  gas and finally headed home.

The White Mountains on the drive home. Spectacular.

The one take away from this experience, was bring an SUV or at the very least an all wheel drive car. I don't believe I saw any other front wheel drive 4 cylinder sedans anywhere on the resort. All big burly vehicles with all kinds of gumption. We had a great time and would totally recommend this place. They even have a ski hill at this water park resort, who knew?

The Peking in North Conway

I want to thank, Matt James, Mac Dickson and Andy Capwell for picking up my workload over the past few days. See you all on Monday!