As a kid, I was always so excited for summer. It meant no bedtime, lots of ice cream, and hanging out with friends whenever I wanted. However, with every two-month vacation from school came a time when you didn’t have fun activities planned. To say I experienced many days of pure, utter boredom would be an understatement. So, how is it that as an adult I no longer feel this way about lazy days?

I would like to chock it up to the fact that for the past 11 weeks and counting I have consistently been working around 40 hours a week. Plus going to the gym, sleeping, and plain old eating. Meaning that my Dog Days of Summer have honestly yet to happen, and when they do on a rainy Sunday, I look forward to them. Just the simple idea of sittingon a couch and doing nothing sounds amazing. However, on my do-nothing days, I actually do a lot.

I might start and finish a book, wash my bedding, fold my laundry, and go to the gym. I don’t actually do nothing on a do-nothing day, which is really sad. Although, upon further reflection, I love those days. I love making my to-do list and feeling a sense of accomplishment when I check something off. I love going to bed after a do-nothing day feeling like I actually did something. So, to those of you who don’t have do-nothing days, I invite you to start having them. If you can’t take a day off, just take an hour to put your phone down and enjoy the simple life of a do-nothing day. In fact, I declare the last Sunday of every month a do-nothing day with the hope that I can inspire you to DO-NOTHING!!

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