This time of year, classic (and not so classic) Christmas specials return to the airwaves. And in addition, this Christmas has been all about "Star Wars," with the new movie "The Last Jedi" opening next month.

But something is missing from all of the "Star Wars" and holiday hype. Ever since it first aired in 1978, "The Star Wars Holiday Special" has never been seen again. Why? Well, it could be the worst thing to come out of the Star Wars universe, and that includes the wooden acting and horrible dialogue of the prequels AND Jar Jar Binks!

George Lucas, who has pumped the "Star Wars" universe for every dollar he could get out of it, (seriously, how many DVD re-releases do we need??), has refused to let this turkey, which starred a good deal of the original cast, see the light of day.

And there's a reason. It's that bad. Let's hope "The Force Awakens" is better!

Thanks to YouTube, you can see for yourself. Enjoy the disaster that is the "Star Wars Holiday Special!" First, here is a 'best of' video, so you can get the idea.

Now, if you're a true glutton for punishment, here is the whole thing in all it's "glory."

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