I took my family away for the weekend. We went to Portland to check out the children's museum and the climbing canopy at Jordan's Furniture. By the way, both places were absolutely incredible and it honestly was the perfect weekend getaway for my son, wife, and I.

Sometimes you just need to pack up the equinox and stay at a fancy hotel to enjoy some time away from every day. Janelle and I wanted to expose our child to everything that life has to offer.

We stay at the Hampton Waterfront in downtown Portland. It was such an easy getaway, even though it was raining and very windy, there was valet which I don't want to live without now. I am going to tell Matt, my co-host, that he now needs to park my car every morning when I get to the studio.

What my son loved was that their was a pool so, of course we went swimming every day. Sunday morning after breakfast we went down to the pool and were there with another mother and her two beautiful children, age 7 and 4.

We were all on the stairs, splashing around a bit while the little 4 year old boy was sitting on the side. The mother and daughter were swimming in the shallow end and then it happened.

The boy was leaning over the edge and fell into the water. He was wearing a life vest that zipped up the front, however he was completely submerged, face down.

Before I even noticed what happened, Janelle was scooping the child up like a rag doll. It all happened so fast and the child was in shock.

His mother was there to comfort him and he eventually was okay.

Here's the thing, the mother did everything right. Her children were near her, they had flotation devices and she went over the rules with them before they began to swim.

According to an article from The Portland Press Herald, 

"Maine has recorded 11 drowning deaths statewide in all settings so far this year, according to the medical examiner’s office. There were 43 in 2020, 32 in 2019 and 34 in 2018."

The point is, you can get hurt, no matter how prepared you are. I found some useful tips online at Stop Drowning Now, to refresh you going into the summer.

Here is a list of vital tips to take when swimming with your children this summer!

Life Saving Tips For Swimming Kids

Life Saving Tips For Swimming Kids

Swimming in Maine can be so much fun but also very dangerous, I found these helpful tips to keep you prepared this summer with your family.

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