"To be a program director at a major market radio station."

That's the quote from The Quill, Gardiner High School's yearbook, that appears under my photo. Yup, my dream was to go run a radio station in Boston, New York or some such place. I didn't chase the dream. I made my dream happen here in Maine, a place I love and where I'm most comfortable.

Weird how these things hit you at the strangest of times.

Never has the feeling of being truly satisfied with where I am today settled in my brain like it did this morning. As I'm watching this cell phone video I shot last night at the Litchfield Fair, after judging the apple pie contest, I realized what an idyllic place central Maine can be. Why would I want to leave this now? What purpose would it serve? More money? Maybe. More happiness? Very doubtful, but a gamble at best.

If you're unhappy in a place, then looking for greener grass is the right thing to do. But why would anyone want to leave a place that makes them happy to find a place that makes them happier, when that place might not exist at all?

Okay, it's getting pretty deep here. If you're still reading this, I'll wrap it up so you can get back to cutting your toenails or whatever you were doing.

My point is, seeing this video of the Litchfield Fair midway as the "viewer" and not as the person who took it, I can see someone watching and saying, "wow...a small town fair. I bet that's a great place to live."

Well, that's how I feel. And I can look up from the video knowing that this is my turf...this is where I live...this is where I'm happiest. No regrets...ever.

By the way, for a TRUE taste of great Maine fairs, you can also visit the Clinton Lion's Fair, which is also running through Sunday!

Remember...where your heart is, where your family is, where you're happiest. That's home. And I realized this by watching screaming people spin round and round in Litchfield last night as the Chicken Dance played on a loudspeaker.

That is all...as you were.

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