The last man alive who was born in the 1800s lives in Kyoto, Japan. Jiroemon Kimura is 116-years-old and I imagine you, like I, cannot say his name, so let's just call him, "Bob"....

Bob was born back in 1897 and there's no other guy left who was born before 1900. A pretty cool title. He's hoping it lasts a while.

Bob is what is known as a Supercentenarian, someone who has lived past their 110th birthday. Can you say, Supercentenarian? Sure you can.

Now, insofar as women are concerned, there are 10 of THEM left who were born in the 1800s. That means if all of these women sign onto the website I'm creating called "," Bob will be a very lucky man...or very unlucky, depending on how strong his old ticker is!