Ice cream flavors are getting so creative and complex. Who knew that simple chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry would evolve into flavors like Strawberry Balsamic, Chocolate Doughboy, and Brown Sugar Vanilla? These ice cream shops in Maine are boasting some of the most creative flavors in the state. Have you sampled these tasty treats?

Bayley's Ice Cream in Scarborough

Stop at Bayley's on your way to the pier and try some Matcha Green Tea, Chili Chocolate, or Chocolate Doughboy.

The Mosquito in Raymond

How about a double scoop of Pumpkin, something called 'Graham Central Station', Cinnamon Coffee Cake, or Bear Claw?

Catbird Creamery in Westbrook

For some more sophisticated flavors, try Catbird Creamery's Honey Camomile & Walnut Shortbread, Strawberry Balsamic, Tamari Caramel, and Brown Sugar Vanilla.

Rococo in Kennebunkport

Rococo was in the running to become one of the Top 10 Ice Cream Parlors in the U.S. as named by USA Today. It's easy to see why with flavors like Sunfish Wheat AIe & Candied Ginger & Apricots, Sweet Avocado Cayenne, Moxie Soda, and Maple Bourbon & Chocolate Covered Bacon. 

Big Licks in Old Orchard Beach

Want a taste of Maine in ice cream form? Big Licks has flavors like Apple Pie, Needham, Maine Maple Syrup, and Whoopie Pie.