What is about Walmart that brings out the weird in Maine drivers?

Imagine pulling in to do your shopping at Walmart, and you encounter a sweet parking space, but there is one of those pesky shopping carts in your way. Sounds fairly normal right? Your first reaction would be to either get out and move it...well you’d think so anyway.

Video from the Windham Walmart, shows that the driver pulls up and proceeds to get the cart out of her way by using the front of her vehicle to push it as she pulls into a parking spot that doesn't really look like a parking spot to me.

Well, if you have ever experienced something like this, there is a place you can go to see all sorts of bad driving choices from people all over the state of Maine.

Maine's Idiot Spotters is a group of 20,000 members on Facebook that is endlessly entertaining.

On a daily basis, people upload pictures of awful parking jobs that they spot while about and about. And let me tell you, there is plenty to look at.

And thanks to the invention of the dashboard camera in vehicles, many a bad decision by motorists has been captured for everyone in the group to see. Whether it be speeding, blowing through red lights, or stop signs, passing cars in a single lane, or making the choice to pull an ill-advised U-Turn, this page has it all.

As for Walmart itself, Maine seems to have some weird altercations with that business.

By now, you all know the legend of the “Yellow Pole” at the Auburn location. There have been a ridiculously huge amount of accidents that have occurred there, and all because of those pesky yellow poles. Yes, you did read that correctly!

There have been so many incidents with the yellow poles at the Auburn Walmart, that there is a Facebook page devoted to it, with the caption "I am the Auburn Walmart Yellow Pole. Fear me."

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