Well, I guess it was bound to happen, another pole in the Auburn, Maine, Walmart parking lot got hit on Super Bowl Sunday.

I swear, there is a curse in this parking lot.

One pole has been hit so many times that Walmart has literally put up cement barriers and made it so that the stop sign flashes. Not to mention, they also added a camera, probably so that they can watch people hit the pole in real-time.

The cement barriers seem to be doing a great job of stopping people from hitting the pole.

One car has already crashed into the barriers, and the pole remained unharmed. However, on Super Bowl Sunday, one driver decided to completely miss the barricades and go into another pole.

Ironically, this pole was right next to the one that always gets hit.

Yup, one pole away from the notorious stop sign.

What confuses me even more though is the fact that I have no idea why they were even turning there. It is not a lane to drive down.

I mean, if they were going for the lane to the left of the stop sign, then they really missed their turn and turned way too late.

If the intention of the driver was to have a reason to get a new truck, then they may have accomplished that.

The driver defiantly banged up the front left of their car and even ended up with a flat.

It is getting to the point that this parking lot is cursed, people just want attention, or car insurance needs to go up more if you live in the Auburn area.

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