Don’t get me wrong, I love social media.  I love how it makes communicating with family, friends, and coworkers easier.  I love how it makes exchanging ideas easier.  I love how it allows to be a part of any community you want to be, no matter where you are.

One of the only downsides about social media are the trends.  Ya’ know, when your feed gets FILLED with pictures, posts, or videos about the same thing.  A few months ago, it was the “silhouette challenge”, then it was the copy / paste post about how things were (prices, numbers, percentages) on the day President Biden took office, after that it was the whole thing about the way women part their hair.

I’m good with most trends.  Sometimes, I even participate in them.  You should see my silhouette challenge video!  Okay, maybe not.

The only social media trend that really annoys me is “I / We did a thing…”

Seriously, just tell us what you did!  Did you get engaged?  Get a new car?  Buy a house?  Graduate?  Learn how to swallow swords?  If so, please just tell us.  Don’t make us interpret your (sometimes) vague photo to find out what you bought or accomplished.  We’ll be happy for you…  I promise!

@djcooperfoxsooo... I did a thing!

♬ original sound - DJ Cooper Fox

Please don’t unfriend because of my rant…  I just needed to get that off my chest!

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