Here is my ‘Throwback Thursday’ story for today. What started as a part-time radio gig back on this week 15 years ago is still going, and even better, I'm still enjoying it. Of course I now work full time with afternoons,  but I do love this profession.

I had been here in the past before 2000, so the building was familiar as was the board and software we used. It was the first Sunday in February back in 2000 when I had my first day of this tour of employment at 92 Moose.

I think Sundays then we ran a public service show, then Rick Dees Weekly 40 in the morning and then I came on at noon. I vividly remember Renee Nelson coming into train me, I thanked her for coming in, but in all honesty it was the same set up as it was the previous time I was here in the mid 90s.

Over the last 15 years there have been a few changes, but not that many. Aside from the studio upgrades in 2002, basically it’s been the same, and that includes most of the staff. A sign of a good employer, after 15 years I’m still sort of a newbie.

Moose Studio, 2000 - 27/28 years old.
Reel to Reel, cart deck and "Dial Up Denon"
Old Moose Studio
Old Moose Production Room

Here is the #1 Song from 15 years ago this week!