After being rained out last year Tickle started this year's Waterfront Wednesday Concert Series with a bang! The weather was beautiful, the sturgeon were jumping, kids and adults alike were dancing and the crowd was having a blast.

A gentleman came up to me after the show and said that due to an injury he didn't have a lot of feeling below his waist but can still get around and Tickle's performance got him moving in ways he hadn't experienced in quite some time!

If you got to experience the show last night you already know how fantastic they are. If you didn't get a chance to come out check out photos from the fun night below.

Tickle at Waterfront Wednesday 6/19/19

Join us next week for the Taylor Road Band and get the full summer schedule here. Big thanks to Graham Behavioral Services for powering the event, and the Damon's Family of Stores for being the stage sponsor!

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