I don't like ticks. Icky, gross and they can carry disease for people and animals. NOW it look like ticks are affecting us in cold weather too. They don't take a winter break. According to the Maine Center For Disease Control and Prevention:

'Although the weather outside may be frightful, temperature alone is not enough to kill the ticks. The deer tick can remain active in its adult stage from fall to spring as long as the temperature is above freezing. The tick will remain alive, but inactive when temperatures are below 40 Fahrenheit.'

Well do have plenty of days it is above freezing and those are the days I want to be out!
The colder temperature just make then slower and inactive, it does not kill the little buggers. They live for a long time.

'Maine CDC continues to see increased numbers of tick borne disease reports in 2013, including multiple cases with onset of symptoms as late as December.... Providers should continue to consider tick borne illnesses, even during the winter months.'

Yes....as late as December! Winter months are supposed to me my tick free time. UGH!
Officials have seen just this month in Maine. They are not kidding.

'Prevention is key in reducing the burden of all of these tick borne diseases. All Mainers should wear protective clothing, use an EPA approved repellent, and use caution in tick infested areas. Daily tick checks and prompt removal of all ticks is essential. Although a tick must be attached for at least 24 hours to transmit Lyme disease, the attachment time is not well defined for the other diseases and may be less.'

And to make matters worse...there are a number of tick information and misinformation. Check out some of these tick myths.