We are all well aware what season it is in Maine. Winter, am I right?  let's talk about it.

It's not a secret that our winter season can become extremely cold, harsh, and too long. And it looks like even though we've had a bit of a break from the dangerously cold temperatures recently, Maine mother nature will strike again soon.

Because of these storms, cold temperatures, brisk winds, freezing air, and wind chills, the rate of becoming sick will increase, which in turn will create colds and sickness.

Do you know what the most frequent cold-related sicknesses in Maine are? Hypothermia and frostbite.

This is according to The Maine CDC, and we should all listen up and try to be as careful as we can when braving the temperatures.

The temperatures are soon going to drop, so make sure you are always bundled up if you are heading outdoors. Lock and close your windows and seal any cracks that leak into the house.

Because I have an older home and it's not completely insulated, I put duct tape around the door to seal the heat in.

Always cover your ears and head, and if you get wet outside, make sure to change and keep your skin and feet dry. It also helps to drink warm fluids, because the inside of your body needs to stay warm as well.

Warming centers have popped up all over. If you are in need, please check out Maine.gov. 

For the elderly and homeless, the rate at which they would suffer from these illnesses is high. Fuel prices are up, and it's harder to heat our homes.

As Maine CDC says, Frostbite can occur without the person even knowing it due to the numbness it creates in your body. Hypothermia will occur with extremely low temperatures, and will happen if a person is wet.

According to the Maine CDC, 750 people die a year due to hypothermia in the United States, and about 20 Mainers pass away each year because of this.

Find out below which signs to look out for if you think you may be experiencing hypothermia or frostbite.

For more information on cold-related symptoms and illnesses, please visit the Maine CDC or Maine Public Health, and stay warm!

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