I have always tried to be realistic about my God given abilities and the abilities God chose to withhold from me.  Some of the skills I am lacking include auto mechanics, athletics, and home improvement.  Over the years, it has become apparent that I am a danger to myself and others when I have a screwdriver or wrench in my hand.

Recently, I learned just how bad I am at this whole home improvement things when I tried to use caulk to seal up a leak in my tub.

If you have ever lived in an older house, you know that it is always an adventure.  Like dealing with a 120+ year old toddler, there is always something that needs your attention.  An aging heating system, a wall that needs to be repainted, funky stuff going on in the basement, strange leaks in the bathroom.  You either embrace these problems or you try your best to hide from them.  I attempted to embrace the problem...  But, did not have much success.

Even though I had all the needed tools and watched a few youtube videos on how to do it, it was still a massive disaster.

The following TikTok video does a good job of showing what a mess it was...

@djcooperfox #fyp #HomeDepot #fail #failarmy #207 #Maine #92moose #radio #DJlife ♬ The Home Depot Beat - The Home Depot

Maybe I'll have better luck next week, when I attempt to do some major plumbing!

How about you?  Have you ever had a major Do It Yourself home improvement disaster?  Let us know!  Tell us about it by sending us a message through our app or on Facebook.

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