Today, we had a discussion. THE discussion to end ALL discussion. We have inadvertently made all of our listeners angry.

According to one listener who called in, Sasha Fierce, as a result of this conversation she now said she has to take a Xanax.

This question was first posed by Ryan Dixon, 37 who was sitting at home in New Zealand and posted the question on Twitter, according to The Guardian.

Dil via Unsplash
Dil via Unsplash

This sparks so much conversation in the world and I thought it would be a great idea to share this with our 92 Moose listeners. However, I did not realize that my co-host, Matt James would go absolutely nuts due to the never-ending and intense confusion and nature of the question.

One Ryan posted this on Twitter, the world went nuts. Remember when Yanny and Laurel was a thing? And that black or gold dress trend we all jumped on?


It's hard to think if these aren't are is all just a huge distractions leading to a giant conspiracy to divert us from some huge alien invasion or government crisis that, "they" are keeping hush hush.

You never know, but until then, we will all debate and no one ever, will end up counting all the wheels and doors that are already in the world and also still continuing to be produced.

According to an article posted by tells how many wheels/tires the Lego company has put out,

"There are around 16.5 billion toys created around the world. Apart from this, around 6 billion wheels have been sold since its inception in 1968. Lego produces around 318 million tyres in a year, according to the report of 2010. This must-have increased since then till 2022."

As far as doors are concerned said,

"Our experts find statistical numbers in the count of doors. If each person can see 7 entries on average, the number of gates quickly reaches 50 billion marks.

But as per some other sources, we also know the number of doors count is nearly 44 billion in the world. "

Personally, I am a door girl all the way. No matter what you believe I love that we're all debating and connecting with each other. I love even more how absolutely "unhinged" this has made my co-host. You're welcome.

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