It was just last week that I wrote an article about the celebrated squatty potty. I was curious to see if Squatty Potty had hit Maine from when it was originally released in 2015. Despite my assumption, Mainers love this product, and I understand why! Who wouldn’t?

Scientifically, it is so incredible for your spine while you are having a potty picnic. According to Style, Squatty Potty is a $167 million company. I will remind you it was founded by the Edwards family who then went onto Shark Tank and Lori Greiner grabbed it up. PottyGoers love this product worldwide.

After I wrote the article and it was published on The 92 Moose Website, Matt James, received an email and told me he had some news for me. He let me know that Squatty Potty loved the article and wanted to send us free Squattys!


This morning, they arrived, and Matt and I opened them on the air! I am a firm believer that putting something out there will come back and hit you in the face, in a great way.

I cannot wait to use my Squatty Potty but won't let you know when I’m going to use it. However, I will report back and let you all know if it was beneficial to my bathroom experience.

As I stated in my previous article, going to the bathroom is normal. We are no longer living in the past where women and men have to hide the fact that they poop. It’s a natural bodily function and we’re not robots.

I’m excited to continue this bathroom journey with you all and dive into those things that maybe once were thought of as irregular and bizarre but are just average and routine for all Mainers!

Check out our photo gallery for the third annual, Camp Out Hunger!

Camp Out Hunger 2021

Third Annual Camp Out Hunger was an incredible experience for all involved. Please enjoy all of the photos below of our journey to ending hunger in Maine.

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