Have you ever been minding your own business on the toilet, scrolling, and pooping in the morning, and wish you had a little extra support under your feet? I have.

I believe you should give yourself more support when you're launching your butt shuttle.

According to Healthline, Caleb Backe, who is a health and wellness expert, also said the same thing but in scientific terms.

 “Raising your feet up on a stool so that your hips are flexed beyond 90 degrees helps to straighten out the rectum,” Backe told Healthline. “This allows the stool to pass through much more easily.”

Matt James and I often chat in between being on-air. We cover many different topics, from carrots to our favorite booze and also, bodily functions, you know, the important stuff. Matty informed me of something wonderful that I did not know existed. The renowned Squatty Potty!

This invention is celebrated worldwide but I was curious if Mainers also loved the Squatty Potty so I posted the question online and the survey says, yes, yes we do.  The responses I received on my Facebook were hilarious and include photos!


 "I love it!" Amanda Shorey Wells 


Allison via Facebook
Allison via Facebook

 "I have 3 in all my bathrooms!"  Allison Guide 


"My mom bought one for each of us for Christmas gifts a few years ago. It’s good if you have problems pooping."- Clae Seekins

Several other Mainers responded about the squatty as well.

 "We have them at our Crossfit gym, I want one for the house so bad."

Jessica Walker


 "It gives me an extra boost. Easier to leave an upper decker at a friend's house."

Glenn Foss

"This shouldn't even be a question! Best invention ever!!!! I don't have one at hand I will put my feet up on the side of a small stool or trash can.... It's life changing"

Taylor Mary

Although this video was released in 2011, I am proud to bring up the conversation again. Let's adapt to poop together, shall we?

According to Squatty Potty online, Shark Tank, Howard Stern, and Dr. Oz have all raved about this on their shows. Bobby Edwards built it for his Mom who was having some problems going to the bathroom and the entire family has pitched in on the success.

Sir Matt James also showed me the commercial they released on Youtube with a unicorn pooping rainbows and I was laughing so hard that I almost had to run to the bathroom to make magical rainbows myself.

It is comforting to know that more and more of us are normalizing building dookie castles, so unless you are an alien, we all poop and, it's okay!

Just keep on releasing the rainbows people of Maine.

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