This is breaking news, because everyone pees. There may be more toilets in downtown Portland because it's so hard to find a public restroom or poo booth, to relieve yourself.

Let's talk about Porta Potties. They have a few different names, Porta Potties, Porto Johns, Toilets, etc and according to WGME 13, Portland needs more!

Let's go back for a moment. I have learned that Porto Potties have been around for many years apparently. I mean, to be honest, there is a need and a demand because the human body will always have to evacuate what is inside of it. So, no matter where you are, if you drink or eat or are anything except an alien, you'll have to eventually use the bathroom.

In 1960 the Porta Potty was invented by a man named and George Harding, according to Wonderopolis,

George Harding received the first patent for a porta potty in the 1960s. His idea, though, went all the way back to the 1940s. Harding worked for the U.S. War Department during World War II. That’s when he started building portable toilets for use by shipbuilders.

Over the years, porta potties have become more advanced. Today, there are even portable restroom trailers available with running water to flush the toilet and wash your hands. However, the basic porta potty is still the most popular choice for most outdoor toilet needs.

Why are we talking about this? I'll tell you, because people really have to pee in Portland. WGME put out an article stating that in the city of Portland, it's tough to find public restrooms, so 3 new potties will be installed around the city. You're welcome.

Mal Meyer of WGME, tweeted that one of the toilets could be place in Monument square.

The article also states the porta potties could be placed by the Portland Fish Pier and a third may be near the Central Fire Station.

The pandemic made is the need for toilets outside higher and the city has noticed many people trying to make noise about this and they are finally being heard.

According to the article, they'll have to figure out how the potties will be cleaned and managed as well as how much it's going to cost to install them.

They held a meeting last night, virtually to welcome residents and business owners to discuss this need to help more people pee in Portland. We will continue to follow this story on if the residents of Portland will be able to relieve themselves more when they're out and about.

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