Many states have hometown pride but I believe that we've got a little something extra inside of ourselves. Camp Out Hunger was successful and in 5 short days, you, our listeners, brought in $10,000 in cash donations and 41,000 pounds of non-perishable food. The retail value of the food after being weighed is $112,000 and will sustain our community for 4 months but you not only raised funds for humans, you also helped all of our innocent fur babies!

We started to hear that people who receive Meals on Wheels, were giving their meals to their pets at home because they didn't have enough money to buy pet food. Pet's are so important to us and bring us our motivation to get through the days.

Many people didn't plan on being food insecure which in turn also made their pets food insecure as well. We, the people of Central Maine could not see our fellow animals starve. So this year, at the 3rd Annual Camp Out Hunger, we were able to raise a ton of animals food, and supplies for Maine's fur babies.

Merry via Cell
Merry via Cell

This morning we took both the Moose Caboose and Bee Van over to Spectrum Generation's Cohen Center and were able to drop off two carloads full of animal food, litter, and supplies to their center in Hallowell.

Emotions were running high as we unpacked each item from the cars. People often forget that humans aren't the only living and breathing things that need food to survive. We always should look out for our fellow animals as well.

Being a community that can raise so much money in just a week for people and animals that need it most is amazing.

I am now convinced that this state is capable of anything.

Please check out the video below of us delivering the food to Spectrum Generations, Cohen Center.

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