I know it's hard to believe in magic, but to me, it's real and a spectacular boy named Myles from Winthrop reminded me of that today.

A few days ago I was sitting on my couch, watching Housewives and working on another article, and a Facebook message popped up. I opened the message and what came next was unexpected and tear-jerking.

Tori Lint from Winthrop sent me a photo of her 9-year-old son, Myles. Myles is extraordinary. He was holding a portable radio with a long antenna with the biggest smile in the world.

Tori let me know that Myles carries around this radio all the time. No matter where Myles is, the radio is right next to him and it's set on 92 Moose. He listens to Matt and Lizzy in the Morning and is a big fan.

Listen to our phone call below!

Tori Lint via Facebook
Tori Lint via Facebook

Funny enough, at one point, Tori thought that Cooper Fox was somewhere in her house because she kept hearing his voice in Myle's random hiding spots.

Furthermore, Myles has special needs, with delays in learning as well as sensory issues. Tori then opened up to me, letting me know that she thinks that when Myles listens to us and the music, it soothes him.

She went on to say that even though he doesn't know all the words to the songs he has his mom call out our names when we're talking. He has connected to us and our show in a way that is helping to heal him.

I felt overwhelmed and my heart was stirring. He has found a way to subdue his health conditions.

As the great doctor and philosopher, Debasish Mridha says,

"Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch."

Truer words couldn't be spoken. It travels through you like lightning on a string. Myles has figured it out. Whether Myles realizes it or not, he understands that which most people don't and that is that the power of sound is immeasurable.

Thank you, Myles, for reminding me that sound cures. The job we do as contributors at the station is more powerful than I realized.

I don't deserve all of this goodness but I will take it with gratitude and share it with all of you. Let's continue to spread our love with others. Let's go deep and continue to connect with each other.

After all, we are all brothers and sisters in the fight to heal our souls.

Love you, Myles. You are an inspiration to us all.

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