Did you know that it's good luck when a bird poops on you? Me too, because it happened to me right before my final interview with 92 Moose and I'm pretty sure that's why I got the job. My entire future is now dedicated to a pigeon with super shifty eyes.

Let me just start off by asking all of you to form a line and one by one to pinch me because I feel like I'm having a really long dream. At any moment, I'll wake up and it'll be just another day where I pretend I'm a DJ in the shower until my wife yells at me because I'm using too much hot water.

I'm 36 years old. I was born in PA and bred in Lewiston, Maine. Go Blue Devils! I married my soulmate Nelly, she's super cool. We met in "da club" 13 years ago. It's a really romantic story. We're both very blessed to have a 5-year-old rambunctious and talented little boy who has changed our lives. I love my family very much and I also love my spanx.

I have been a super fan of local radio my entire life. Mom would blast the radio all day growing up, until we sat down at night to watch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I grew up listening to Renee Nelson, Rob Steele, Teddy McKay and, "The" Lori Voornas. I still haven't officially met her and when I do I won't be able to look her in the eye because she's like Ellen, Mother Theresa, and Snoop Dogg all wrapped into one person.

I was in talks with Townsquare for about a year and a half with many interviews and meetings. They asked me all the interview questions in the world and checked my dental records. Then I got the call and felt like Batman. It's truly a dream come true. I will be co-hosting with the incredible Matt James who inevitably will become my Robin. Maybe I can get him to wear a red bodysuit with green tights.

Here is me signing my contract!

I have been a guest, on-air at 92 Moose, Q97.9, 94.9WHOM, and Z105.5 and have been quietly pursuing a career in radio for a long time.


Lizzy Snyder, Teddy Mckay, Rob Steel, Faccebook
Lizzy Snyder, Faccebook
Lizzy Snyder, Teddy Mckay  Faccebook
Lizzy Snyder,at 949WHOM, Faccebook
Lizzy Snyder, Faccebook
Lizzy Snyder, Mike Rovin, Faccebook


When I am not on the airwaves I love Yoga, Laughing with my Mom, Sleeping, Running, Napping, Mountain-Climbing, Sleeping, Dancing with my Boy, Sleeping and hugging my best friend, Katie Schreiber. I love creating videos on Youtube on my life and docu-style vids that raise awareness for mental illness, homeless youth, suicide prevention, and cultural movements.

Lizzy Snyder, with wife, Nelly Faccebook


Lizzy and Mom, Facebook
Lizzy Snyder, with Wife Nelly, Faccebook


Lizzy Snyder, Faccebook
Lizzy Snyder, Best Friend Katie, Facebook


I'm going to fully lean in and say I am unable to be anyone other than myself and wear my heart on my sleeve. I am terrified of this new change but I am also so unbelievably ready for it. I can't wait to grow with you all and create an amazing family at the Moose.

My Mom always told me that if you're afraid, picture everyone on the toilet because we all poop. Thank you to everyone at Townsquare Media and my exquisite little family for believing in me.

Enclosing I'd like to tell you how excited I am to picture all of you pooping the moment I meet you. Let's party.