As you probably already know, because Matt and I have been screaming it from the rooftops, Camp Out Hunger was this week. We were posted up, living in the Augusta Sam's Club Parking a lot for 5 days collecting non-perishable items as well as cash for food-insecure families in Central Maine.

This experience carried us to a humble place. Each one of us involved in this event went through so many sensations. At one point, without much sleep, we were all on auto-pilot. However, if we needed to, we could've stayed in that parking lot until all families in Maine were fed.

You do what you have to do to help, it's not a question, it's not a thought. We all have this longing and will to survive that burns inside of all of us. It's this feeling you cannot overlook, disregard, or ignore. Something that thrusts you to keep continuing when you feel like you physically and emotionally are tapped out.

Dave Dostie via Facebook

The faces of those giving were full of relief and we were also lucky enough to meet those who were in need as well.

Keith Davis via Facebook


Matt and I had a moment on air when all sentiments and emotions hit us instantly. This specific need, should not even be a need. With that being said, the amount of Mainers out there who will give their last ten dollars or loaf of bread is more prominent and greater than I expected.

We as a community collectively united and provided what we could. However, we can always do more. It's tough to know that 20,000 people are food insecure of which, 5,000 children presently are hungry in Kennebec County.

Dave Dostie via Facebook

I realize that those numbers are staggering, surprising, and often can make you feel guilty. However, instead of ignoring this, let's continue to support our brothers and sisters of Maine and assist them in their struggle for second chances.

Everything went so remarkably fast and it was difficult to process each emotion from each person so fortunately we were able to have the entire event captured on camera with help from a professional photographer, Dave Dostie, and Salvation Army Captian, Keith Davis.

Please visit Dave Dostie's page to check out all of his photography. 

Check out all of the photos from Camp Out Hunger below!

Camp Out Hunger 2021

Third Annual Camp Out Hunger was an incredible experience for all involved. Please enjoy all of the photos below of our journey to ending hunger in Maine.

Tour The 2021 Camp Out Hunger Compound

Tour The 2021 Camp Out Hunger Compound

Check out the massive set up at the 2021 Camp Out Hunger Food Drive. This is Central Maine's Largest food drive!

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