Police are investigating the accidental shooting of a man and a woman by their two year old son.

According to WMTW, the incident happened at around 8 o'clock Wednesday (May 12th) morning at a home on New Meadows Road in West Bath.

According to Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry, the toddler picked up the gun, which was laying on a nightstand, and shot the couple.  The 22 year old mother was shot in the leg.  The 25 year old father was shot in the head.  Both parents, and the child, were transported to Mid Coast Hospital.  It has been reported that their injuries were not life threatening.

The couple also have a 3 week old baby.  That child is in the care of the grandmother who lives in the home, but was not there when the incident occurred.

For obvious reasons, police continue to investigate why a loaded firearm was so easily accessed by the child.

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