So let's just all admit it. All of us around my age, born in 1987 and around there, go through these really weird phases where we miss our 90's TV.

Back when cartoons were cartoons and not this weird Dora the Explorer crap... Let's take a look my picks for the top 10 toons of the 90's. And please chime in with cartoons you would add to your own personal list. Also, no disrespect if you love Dora...we're just all judging you that's all.

10. Beavis & Butthead


9. Ren & Stimpy


8. Tiny Toons


7. CatDog


6. The Angry Beavers


5. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters


4. Doug


3. Rugrats


2. Hey Arnold


**1** Rocko's Modern Life

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