According to a new survey Trojan Condoms, 60% of sexually active singles aged 18 to 24 said they were likely to have casual sex while they’re home for the holidays.

And what’s maybe even more surprising is that not everyone plans to just hook up with their high school fling. Two out of every five people who said they would be having a holiday hookup also said that it will likely be with someone they’ve never met, while one third said they plan to call up an ex. Other findings:

– 78% of the participants polled said they’d be sending texts or direct messages to someone to hook up, while 66% plan to meet someone at a house party, 55% are hitting the bar, and 50% are turning to an app.

– 44% said they had casual sex over last year’s winter holidays – and 40% of them had to make a last-minute run for condoms and two out of five didn’t even use a condom because they didn’t have one on hand.