According to the KJ, a 2 year old boy found wandering near Rt 9 in Chelsea has been reunited with his family.

Rachel S. Hamlin, a teacher for the Wiscasset School District, spotted the boy, who was only wearing a diaper, at approx 10:30 Monday morning.  Hamlin, along with another driver, changed the boy's diaper, and put some pajamas on him.

Hamlin posted about the incident on Facebook, hoping the social media network would help locate the boy's parents.  As her post was shared, the messages poured in.  Many from people she did not know, but who had seen her shared post.

With the help of the Maine State Police, the boy was reunited with his guardian (an aunt).

According to law enforcement, it is the second time in as many months a young child was found alone in Chelsea.


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