I see these stories and I just don't know what to think. My first response is ...why...just why. It is not that hard to just play by some of the rules...like no trespassing. It is easy to comply...just...don't. Recently those who care for Vaughan Woods and Historic Homestead found some vandalism as they were keeping an eye on this treasure. Based on the evidence left behind...on May 2, 2020 Travis and Tracy were in the woods (that would be trespassing) and they left this message on one of the bridges (that is vandalism). Really, they left the date, their names and some hearts.

I am sure removing the markings will be fairly easy but it is not a public park it is held by the Vaughan Woods & Historic Homestead. They get to set the rules and manage this magical piece of land. You don't have to like their decision but it is an easy one to respect. Maybe they came in one of the ways that are not really an entrance and did not know. Maybe...IDK.

Reading the comments on the post it sounds like people have still been using wood despite the decision to close them down to visitors. I know the last day they were open I drove by and I had NEVER seen so many people there. I am sure if they stayed open it would continue to be crowed.  Even if you don't agree with the decision to close and remain closed...you should be grown up enough to respect it. As for leaving your little "love note" on the bridge that is REALLY not cool.

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