According to the Kennebec Journal, there's going to be an extension by more than a mile to an existing trail system in Vassalboro, Maine.

The town of Vassalboro is in there sestercentennial, which means it has been 250 years since the original incorporation. As part of that, the town and the Kennebec Water District were able to reach an agreement about extending the current Vassalboro Town Forest Trail by about 1.1 miles.

The extension will go onto land that is currently owned by the Kennebec Water District and will take hikers to a spot in the woods that overlooks Red Brook. The Vassalboro Trails committee will be leading the project and there is no information on when the extension may be complete.

John Melrose, Vassalboro Trails Committee Chair said in a statement,

“Where we’re extending to on Red Brook adds a scenic aspect that I think will attract more users on the overall trail network. It’s really a simple permit to be able to build a trail on their property, and it was educating ourselves more than anything on the best way to do it.”


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