I just celebrated my 37th birthday and I feel like I need to renovate my outer appearance as well.

Once upon a time, I was trying to be cool so I bleached my hair 5 times in one year to try to get "Khaleesi" platinum blonde hair. It didn't go so well because apparently you are not supposed to bleach your hair too many times in a year.

Because of that, this mop has suffered and I have been too afraid to do anything with it since then. However, now that I am getting older and my split ends are screaming for attention, I need a new look.

But the problem is, I have no idea what to do. When you get older, you have options on different things you can change to make yourself look new or refreshed. For example, injections to your face.

But I am not a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and want people to be able to see if I am happy. I don't want a frozen face.

Ugly Hair, Lizzy Snyder
Ugly Hair, Lizzy Snyder

So, I choose hair. Sometimes you need a little refresh and my poor hair is like garbage right now. So what should I do?

I am going to the genius hair stylist, Sara Hinson, "The Hairapist" at Urban Edge is going to work the magic that you help me choose! If you'd like to get a refresh as well, she is the one to go to! Click here to visit her website! 

Below, I have attached a gallery of options and I need your advice. What hair style do you think I should choose out of the photos posted below?

Help a sister out!

Vote For My Next Hair Style

I am going to the hair stylist today and just like my 88-year-old house, I am also in dire need of a renovation. However, I don't know which way to go, can you help?

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