So, you want to be a circus acrobat? Or a main attraction at Cirque du Soleil? If the circus is your dream, Maine is the right place to be because the nation's only "circus school" is set to open here next Monday!

The Circus Conservatory of America will open it's training facility at Thompson's Point in Portland and, if you're looking for some serious travel with a real bunch of clowns, this is the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

There will be courses for all skill levels and other buildings are in the process of being put up to accommodate more programs and students.

Being billed as a "performing arts institution," the Circus Conservatory of America is a one-of-a-kind facility in the U.S.

Stuart Rachie, a stage manager for Cirque du Soleil, told the Bangor Daily News:

It used to be when you wanted to learn theater, you had to go to London. Now you go to New York City. In circus arts, you no longer will have to go to Montreal or Belgium or Germany. There will be a place in America where people can go closer to home to learn the craft.

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