OMG how long have Mainers joked that Survivor should come to Maine? Try the wood over the beach for surviving?  Well, THIS WEEKEND (May 18, 19, 20) that is exactly what is happening in Fairfield...well, sort of.

You see...Surviving Maine is an homage to CBS's Survivor and will be run in much the same way right down to a tribal council.  How FUN!?

They have 14 contestants and are looking for TWO MORE...preferably women but they would really like the get to 16!

Liza Stratton, who is a driving force behind this adventure, says they have a production teams: handing the tribes and making sure rules are followed, handling the set up and clean up of challenges and helping to make sure the production crew is taken care of and last but not least handling the filming of ALL of this!

Liza told me 'once the game is finished and edited it will be posted on Youtube and shared on the Surviving Maine Facebook Page!'

You can find the volunteer information here or (see the info below) and reach out to Liza directory if you wish to fill one of those coveted player roles or watch it happen as a production team member.

Really, if I had planned my life better I would SO BE THERE competing!

Congratulations Liza and the LONG list of amazing people taking part, thank-you all for your hard work in making this a reality!

Survivor Volunteers Needed_ Surviving Maine FB Page
Survivor Volunteers Needed_ Surviving Maine FB Page

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