Matt and I went to Hatchet House, located at 2 Stephen King Drive, Suite 4, at the Marketplace at Augusta this weekend to take place in a friendly and heated competition of axe throwing!

This is a spot that you have to check out! Let me tell you why.

The first thing I noticed when walking towards the door to the Hatchet House was they had tinted/covered windows. So it gave me this really cool mysterious feeling. So if you are a passerby you can't help but want to walk in and check the place out.

Privacy is important, especially when you're playing with sharp things.

Number 1, throwing axes is epic. Number 2, they let you drink. Got it? Good.

Owners, Mary Young and Mike Yeaton let us have a sneak peak on Saturday on what they were all about.




This is their own special brand of hatchet throwing so it isn't like all the other axe throwing spots. They have projection screens at the end of each hatchet throwing lane and right now because it's the holidays they put up a Christmas tree. They are unique and fun.

Matt was up first and did a pretty amazing job, nailing 5 points off the bat. He threw first and I coughed because I am serious about competition and cheating.



Then it was my turn. After about 17 throws, I threw a bullseye, well not exactly but I got more points than Matt. So, I won.

We laughed hard and had fun but also really respected the safety aspect of this place. They want you to have fun, but play responsibly at the same time.

There is something awesome about letting stress out by hum chucking cool knives at a wall.

For information on the Hatchet House, hours, and parties, check out their Facebook Page here. 

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