My Mothers name is Pam. I talk about her often because I feel like she and I are the same person but two different bodies. She is a force of nature and the older she gets the less she slows down. It's pretty damn inspiring.

This weekend my mom came over to the house to visit us but more importantly, her grandson, Bentley. My son is the apple of my mothers eye and the relationship is magical to watch. I love my mom, but now, she loves him more. I guess I'm okay with that?

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Saturday was a beautiful day so we were outside, enjoying the sunshine. Whenever we're outside, Bentley jumps on the trampoline, he is addicted.

My mother is not one to sit on the side and clap. She get's involved. That's the type of mother she's always been. So she started walking over to the trampoline. That is when I looked at my wife and thought, "Oh no, what is she doing now?"

She climbed in and so did we and before you know it, we were sitting on the trampoline laughing so hard for 10 minutes straight.

Mom got a kick out of being bounced like popcorn. So my wife would bounce us and Mom, Myself and Bentley sat together linked up.

My favorite thing about my mother is her laugh. It is incredibly contagious. See video below for free laughs.

As we were bouncing I felt something, something that you usually feel when you're in the bathroom. It was a tickle in my southern region and I knew exactly what was going to happen. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I peed my pants, while bouncing on a trampoline, with my family.

A reminder to all for anyone over the age of 30, wear a diaper if you're going to bounce on a trampoline.

Funny enough, my mom did not make the same mistake.

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