A Waterville man, Jibryne Karter, had a 'situation' with another man earlier this year. So, he took his case to 'the highest court in the land'... Judge Judy! What I wanted to know was why go to Judge Judy? How do you make your appeal to Judge Judy?

WHY Judge Judy?? There was more than one reason.  According to what Jibryne told me, he was just helping out at his dad's bar, so there was no worker's comp to help him while he dealt with his injuries. Then there was what he called justice. He said he wanted to to send the message that hitting people is not cool. So, as a Judge Judy watcher for years, he knew where to turn.

How do you get your case to Judge Judy for review? Easy! Submit it through her website.

Is Judge Judy scary? Jibryne said as long as you tell her the facts and are honest she is fine.

That does it for my questions....now check out the summary of what happened and what Judge Judy ruled.

And here's the video of what happened!

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