Many of us, over the last few months, have experienced something we have never dealt with before - the nearly complete closure of our entire country.  Grade schools, colleges, stores, dine-in restaurants, music venues, parks, etc all closed.  In a matter of days, we went from gathering with friends and shopping at stores, to binge-watching old TV series and buying everything on Amazon.

Clearly, we want everyone to be safe and remain healthy, but there is no doubt that the nearly overnight change to how we live our lives has been difficult for many adults to deal with.  If it's that hard for an adult to stomach, can you imagine what it must be like for a young child?

Arizona residents Ben and Rebecca McLennan posted this video of their daughter Blake's rant about everything being closed.

You probably got a chuckle out of the cute video, but it's a good reminder of how all of this looks through the eyes of a child.  She understands why these closures needed to happen, but it didn't stop her from being upset about the,.

I have had at least a few similar conversations with my daughters.  Although, with Annie and Denise, they were more upset about the closure of schools than about not being able to eat inside at restaurants.

How have your kids been dealing with the pandemic-caused closures?  Send us a message through our app

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