Thank you!  It is not just my imagination.

This summer is seems like a lot of us in Augusta are having issues with the grass not looking all that great.  Not that my lawn have ever been a show stopper, but this year I can't even get crabgrass to grow and the areas I seeded and had started over the last few years look worse than when I started.

It is not just me. I have noticed it when I am out for walks or just living my life.  I was blaming all our sunny days and a need for a few more showers.  But even after some rain and some sun, my lawn is still looking shabby. There is SOMETHING going on.

There is apparently grubs that are to blame for some of it.  The grubs are in the soil and eat the grass roots.  Good for them. Bad for lawn.

WGME reported that the City of Augusta has about 150 acres of grassy area and about 25 acres are being 'grubbed'.  (I just made that word up for the grubs eating the grass)

They are dealing with it and it could take a couple of years, some money, and effort to get the grass growing again.

As for me and my lawn?  I guess I will start by going to Google and seeing what it has to say about what to do when you have been grubbed.