It can be a hard thing these days to decide whether or not the reason you want to venture outside of your home is worth it. But for the RV show? Yes, totally worth it.

We waited to go on Sunday because we figured there would be fewer people to contend with and better parking. Yes, I've reached the age where I plan my outings based on what I think the parking situation will be like.

Were we the only ones at the RV show who literally just bought a 2019 model at LAST year's show and were back again? Maybe we were, maybe we weren't. Either way, we justified it by telling ourselves we were just going to get out of the house and 'browse'. Though deep down we knew that if we found something we loved that maybe we would just 'consider' trading up.

Though we did find a couple 2020 units from the new Scott's line, Stratus by Venture, our 2-year old planned a midday meltdown at about the same time. So I thank Gavin for getting us out of the Civic Center for only the cost of our admission. Phew!

We'll just have to pop on down to the Manchester location and take another peek ;)

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