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Before we dive into the chaos that parts of Maine saw over the weekend, can I first tell you that I played the weather lottery this weekend and I totally won?

So a couple of weeks ago, we decided to plan a trip to Funtown Splashtown USA, 'where the great American family comes to play', for the last Sunday in June. Well, as the day was getting closer we realized that the weather wasn't actually looking that great.

The extended forecast was calling for intermittent thundershowers all day long. But, we decided not to change the date and take the risk. So glad we did. We were able to enjoy the park all day right up until closing and it never rained until the drive home.

It also seemed like many other people DID decide to modify their plans because the park was the emptiest I have seen in 30 years. We didn't have to wait in any lines all day long. It was epic!

Okay, thank you for the sidebar.

According to an article from WGME 13, not everyone escaped the large storms that were forecast for the area on Sunday. The news station is reporting that parts of western Maine, including Fryeburg, were hit with powerful rains and winds yesterday.

Several roads in the town of Fryeburg were forced closed on Sunday afternoon due to trees being down. In addition, falling trees took out multiple sections of powerlines causing line crews to respond and restore power.

Fryeburg residnent, Jon Tibbetts, told WGME in part about the storm damage,

“It laid a path of trees down right through here from the fields, and came right across the road here, and if you look up these folks’ driveway, it completely tipped one tree over,” 

So word to the wise, heed the storm warnings from area meteorologists because you never know how nasty it could get outside.

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